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Answer. Vesti.ge is a startup accelerator focused on helping non-U.S. software startups succeed globally. ...more...

We bring startups from 100+ countries to Georgia for our intensive 3 month face-to-face accelerator program. By the end of the 3 months, you'll have:

  • A fully registered business that can transact globally in USD.
  • All the legal setup that makes your business attractive to U.S. based investors.
  • 3 months of focused product building — accomodation, food, office, visas, etc, is all taken care of.
  • Ongoing mentoring on your pitch, route to market, business plan, slide deck.
  • Assistance with introductions to U.S. venture capitalists.
  • A network of friends who'll assist you in growing your startup in Georgia.
  • A 12 month renewable visa to stay in Georgia, if you choose.

Answer. You'll get: 12 month Startup Visas for your whole team. Tax free legal and banking setup. 3 months office, accomodation, food. On-going support. Help raising investment in Silicon Valley. ...more...

Vesti.ge runs two accelerator batches every year (3 months each).

For the entire 3 months — seven days a week — everyone in your team gets:

  • FREE team accomodation.
  • FREE modern office space (includes security, electricity, internet, etc).
  • FREE desk, office chair, large monitor.
  • FREE breakfast and dinner.

Your startup gets FREE assistance setting up:

  • Investor friendly company registraion with 0% profit tax, and 0% sales tax — globally.
  • Business and personal bank accounts that transact in USD.
  • A 12 month unlimited multiple entry work visa for every team member — fully renewable after 12 months.

During, and after, the 3 months, you get ongoing mentoring and guidance on:

  • Investor slide-decks, pitch, presentation.
  • Meeting investors in Silicon Valley.
  • Business plan.
  • Product.
  • Route to market.
  • Company formation, legal, share structure.
  • Recruitment.
  • Engineering.
  • Security.

Life-time access to the Vesti.ge alumni is also included.

Answer. Yes. Vesti.ge requests a 7% equity stake in your startup. ...more...

In exchange for everything Vesti.ge offers, we request a 7% equity stake in all startups that go through the accelerator.

No other payments or conditions are attached.

Answer. Vesti.ge has the full support of Georgia's Innovation and Technology Agency (GITA), which is backed by the World Bank Board of Executive Directors and Ministry of Economy & Sustainable Development. ...more...

Vesti.ge is a private development project that's got the full support of Georgia's Innovation and Technology Agency (GITA).

This includes support from the Georgia National Innovation Ecosystem (GENIE) Project from the World Bank Board of Executive Directors and Ministry of Economy & Sustainable Development.

The agency's goals are ambitious. By 2020, GITA wants to have 40,000 export-oriented IT experts working in Georgia, to export $ 1.1-billion worth of IT products, and to see Georgia ranked among the world's top 10 countries for information and communication technologies.

The World Bank focus is to add 3,000 new technology jobs to Georgia's economy.

Answer. Georgia is the world's best to place to locate your international startup. ...more...

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