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1. What's Vesti.ge


1. What's Vesti.ge

Vesti.ge is a startup accelerator focused on helping non-U.S. software startups succeed globally.

We bring startups from 100+ countries to Georgia for our intensive 3 month face-to-face accelerator program. By the end of the 3 months, you'll have:

  • A fully registered business that can transact globally in USD.
  • All the legal setup that makes your business attractive to U.S. based investors.
  • 3 months of focused product building — accomodation, food, office, visas, etc, is all taken care of.
  • Ongoing mentoring on your pitch, route to market, business plan, slide deck.
  • Assistance with introductions to U.S. venture capitalists.
  • A network of friends who'll assist you in growing your startup in Georgia.
  • A 12 month renewable visa to stay in Georgia, if you choose.

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