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10. Living in Georgia


10. Living in Georgia

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Answer. It's easy to have any U.S. product shipped direct to Georgia. You'll get it in just 7 days. ...more...

If you subscribe to one of these shipping services, you can buy anything you like in the U.S., and have it in your hands in just 7 days for just a few dollars extra.

You can pay for U.S. products online using your Georgian bank card (Vesti.ge will help you apply).

As long as the combined product cost of each delivery is less than USD $ 120, then there's no sales tax or import duties to pay.

Every part of the order process is done online:

  • They assign you a unique shipping address.
  • They pack your purchases onto daily flights — from the U.S. to Georgia.
  • They notify you when it's ready to pick up.
  • They give you the option to pay a little extra and have it delivered direct to the office.

Answer. Georgia feels safe, but watch out for the driving. ...more...

People in Georgia are very nice. The streets and countryside feel safe.

Like anywhere, there's small petty crime, but it's rare.

Georgia ranks as the 8th safest country in the world, and also has the 8th lowest crime — src. It's even safer than Switzerland!

The most dangerous thing in Georgia is the driving — if you're from a country where drivers drive carefully, you may want to take public transport for a while until you get used to the Georgian driving style.

Above: Panorama of the main railway.

Answer. It's no problem if you don't speak the local language in Georgia — English or Russian will get you most places. ...more...

The local language in Georgia is "Kartuli", which is only used in Georgia. Kartuli is the official language of Georgia.

Many older people in Georgia also speak Russian, but most of the young educated people speak English, as it's taught in most schools from the age of six.

If you know English or Russian, you'll have no trouble getting around.

Vesti.ge will help you with all your company setup, legal, and banking, which is done in both Kartuli and English.

Above: Panorama of Tbilisi.

Answer. Read on to see Georgia's facts and figures. ...more...

Answer. Georgia is very nice. Read on for details. ...more...
  • People are friendly if they know you.
  • You'll get invited to lots of things.
  • It feels safe.
  • Everyone speaks Kartuli (Georgian).
  • 50% of young people speak English.
  • 30% of young people speak Russian.
  • Street signs are in Kartuli and English.
  • The food is great.
  • There's lots of low price fruit and vegertables.
  • Milk, cheese, grapes, and bread is very good and cheap.
  • Carrefour is a popular supermarket chain (bus 90 goes from the office direct to Carrefour in about 25 mins).
  • There's lots of historical places to visit.
  • Camping and treking is great in the summer.
  • There's a great night life.
  • Driving is on the right hand side of the road.
  • The roads are good.
  • Traffic mostly flows, even during rush hour.
  • The driving seems quite dangerous — the driving is about the only bad thing about Georgia.

Above: Freedom Square.

Answer. Georgia weather is stable and nice. It's really sunny for 6 months of the year. ...more...
  • Weather is sunny.
  • Warm t-shirt weather lasts for six months (from April to September).
  • For about three months it's cold.
  • In the middle of winter there's snow on the ground for 1-3 weeks.

Answer. Hospitals in Georgia are very clean and professional. ...more...

The closest hospital to the office is "New Hospital". It's a 20 minute drive.

The cost of being taken to the hospital's emergency department in an ambulance, with a doctors consultation and a 3 hours stay in the ward costs about USD $ 65.

The doctors speak English.

Above: New Hospital's emergency department entrance.

Answer. Start by visiting Fabrika. ...more...

Fabrika is a popular spot. There's lots of young people. There's around 500+ on a Friday night. It's a great place for networking. You can meet professional people in an informal environment.

Entrance is free. Food is cheap. E.g. BBQ is USD $ 2. Drinks are USD $ 4-6. People arrive around 7 pm. Close is at 2 am.

Above: The restaurant at Fabrika.

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