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11. After the accelerator


11. After the accelerator

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Answer. Yes. All Vesti.ge startups get perpetual on-going support and advice from any member of Vesti.ge's advisory team. ...more...

Even after you finish the 3 month accelerator, you'll continue to have unlimited access to support and advice from any of the Vesti.ge advisory team.

This includes help with:

  • Product road-map.
  • Product design.
  • Recruitment.
  • Legal.
  • Introductions.
  • Investors.
  • Pitch coaching.
  • Etc.

Above: Vesti.ge founder Craig Redmond (Also founder and CEO of Zipier)

Answer. Yes. All Vesti.ge startups get an exclusive perpetual license to all Zipier's beta software. ...more...

Vesti.ge works in partnership with Zipier to give you a full suite of team productivity software. Much of this hasn't been released publically.

This includes:

  • Zipier Desktop: tracks desktop activity, ensuring that people are working when they say they're working.
  • Zipier Recruit: Brings you a fire-hose of filtered applicants to choose from.
  • Zipier Payroll: Makes all your payroll and tax super easy.

Even after you finish the 3 month accelerator, you'll continue to have unlimited access to all Zipier's beta software.

Answer. All Vesti.ge startups get exclusive access to Zipier's automated recruitment platform. ...more...

As an accepted Vesti.ge startup, you get exclusive access to Zipier Recruit — an automated recruitment platform.

Vesti.ge will guide you through placing targeted ads in popular developer hangouts. Applicants are funneled into Zipier Recruit, and automatically tested against the filters you set, e.g. IQ, experience, location, etc. You can even have applicants take real world programming tests, without using up any of your time.

What you get is a targeted list of applicants to select from.

To give you an idea of local Georgian pay rates:

  • Experienced full-stack developer: USD $ 3,000 per month.
  • Medium developer: USD $ 1,500 per month.
  • Junior developer: USD $ 500 per month.
  • Office admin — English speaking: USD $ 400 per month.

You should expect:

  • To give share options to all developers.
  • All Georgia located employees (including you) should pay 20% salary tax from their pay.

Answer. The average small office utilities bill per month is about USD $ 25 in summer, and $ 60 in winter. ...more...

The average small office electricity, gas, and water bill combined per month is about:

  • Summer: USD $ 25.
  • Winter: USD $ 60.

Winter lasts about 4 months.

Payments are done online. The main providers are:

Answer. 100 Mbps internet is available for USD $ 40/mo. ...more...

There's three main internet providers, all of which do 100 Mbps:

Answer. The typical rent in Georgia, for a 2 bedroom house is USD $ 280. ...more...

Rent in Georgia is very reasonable, and there's plenty of space that's available. A typical older 2 bedroom house is USD $ 280 per month rent. Rent is usually paid monthly. Normally at the end of each month.

It's uncommon for there to be a minimum rental term. It's also uncommon to require up-front bond or deposit payment. Everything is negotiable. People are very friendly, but many landlords don't speak English, so if you like, Vesti.ge can help with translation and negotiation so you get a good deal.

Rent normally doesn't include utility bills.

Here's some online home rental websites:

Above: New apartment buildings.

Answer. Buying a car in Georgia is easy. ...more...

There's lots of second hand cars on the market. 2006 and later cars are mostly automatic.

Drivings on the right, so the steering wheel should be on the left.

Be warned, driving in Georgia may seem more dangerous than you're used to. It may be better to use public transport to begin with so you can get used to the driving style.


Answer. Finding your own office space in Georgia is easy. ...more...

Your Georgian office space options are:

  • Work from home.
  • Rent a personal office.
  • Rent at a business centre.
  • Use a co-working space.

Tbilisi co-working spaces:

Office rental sites:

You may also want to message the Vesti.ge alumni to see if anyone has space you can use.

Above: Varketilli Metro station. Closest stop to the airport. A good district for office space.

Answer. It's about $ 700 per month for four people to live comfortably. ...more...

Check out these articles about cost of living:

Above: Georgia has great restaurants.

Answer. You pay for your return ticket. ...more...

Included in the Vesti.ge 3 month accelerator program is the one-way travel cost for all your founding team.

The cost of your return travel will be paid by you, if you decide to return home.

But we think you'll like it here in Georgia, and find that it's the perfect location to run your startup.

Above: Inside the airport.

Answer. No. You'll have a 12 month Georgian visa, so you're welcome to stay. ...more...

You're welcome to stay in Georgia, or you can return to your home country. It's your choice.

Stay or go, you'll still have your 12 month Georgian visa. So you can always come back and work in Georgia anytime.

Above: The main road leading to the airport.

Answer. Yes, Vesti.ge will help you, even after the 3 month accelerator program. ...more...

Once you've been through the 3 month accelerator program, you become a lifetime member of the Vesti.ge alumni. This gives you perpetual access to on-going advice and help from Vesti.ge.

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