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What's the weekly program


What's the weekly program

You're free to do what you like for the 3 months, but read on to see what Vesti.ge has arranged.

For the 3 month accelerator, you're free to do what you like. There's no rules that you have to attend anything.

Here's what Vesti.ge puts on daily, Monday to Sunday, seven days a week:

  • 9-11 am: breakfast.

  • 7-9 pm: Dinner.

Fruit and bread will be left out for lunch, or you can get your own.

Here's the once-a-week events:

  • Wednesday 11 am: Washing collection (you'll get your washing back by 9 pm).

  • Thursday 1-8pm: Office hours, advice, one-on-one Q & A.

  • Thursday 8 pm: Weekly presentations.

The last Friday is demo day, broadcast live on YouTube, and promoted to venture capitalists and investors in the U.S.

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