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6. Office setup


6. Office setup

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Answer. Yes, there's meeting rooms available for 4, 12, 30, and 200 people. ...more...

There's a variety of meeting rooms available, including for 4, 12, 30, and 200 people. Just book them on Google calendar.

If the weather's nice, you can also meet in the picnic area, or on the seats under the trees. The wifi reaches both.

Answer. Yes, there's two shops within seven minutes walk from the office. ...more...

If you want some snacks, or just need an excuse to go out for a walk to clear your head, you'll find the two small shops we've got near by are perfect for your needs.

Answer. Ummm... No. ...more...

Vesti.ge's focus is to help you build a great product, as fast as possible. We're providing a nice office setup, but with the basics only.

If you're a serious founders, who wants a distraction free workplace, you'll love it.

Anyways, you can get all those extras once your startup's successful, right? :)

Answer. Yes, the office is open 24/7/365. ...more...

The office is always open. We've got 24 hour professional security guards on all entrances. You're free to work on:

  • Weekends.
  • Holidays.
  • Through the night.

There's no limit.

You'll get a security card that'll give you 24 hour access.

Answer. Yes, there's a black and white laser printer available. ...more...

You can use Vesti.ge's black and white laser printer when you need it. Just add it over Wifi.

Answer. Yes, work related visits in the office are fine. Personal visitors can meet you in the picnic area outside, but not in the office. ...more...

During the 12 month accelerator you'll be in the office a lot. During that time it's fine to bring in to the office any work related visitors, like:

  • Investors.
  • Advisors.
  • Banking, legal, industry associates.
  • Applicants.
  • Etc.

It's also fine for your personal visitors to meet you in the picnic area outside — which is lovely.

Above: Seating under the trees.

Unfortunately, personal visitors aren't allowed in the office — except for demo day.

Answer. The largest meeting room will fit 200+ seated. ...more...

If you need to host a large event, you can book the conference hall. It's a large room that'll fit 200+ people seated, and even more standing.

Also, it's all setup with audio / visual equipment so you can broadcast media of your event as well.

Above: An event in the conference hall.

Answer. The office is safe. Plus, you'll get a locker to lock your valuables. ...more...

Most people leave their stuff out on their desks. But for extra piece of mind, you'll get your own locker and padlock to keep your valuables locked away in the office.

Also, there's 24/7 professional security guards on site, who roam the building, checking things.

Answer. Yes, all your bills like internet and electricity is included. ...more...

There's no bills for you to pay for both the office and for the dormitory. Internet, electricity, and everything else is all included for FREE.

Answer. The internet speed is fast and reliable. 100 Mbps up and down. ...more...

Our office has a fibre connection to the city. You'll get close to 100 Mbps (up and down) most of the time.

Here's a speed test

Also, the area around the buildings has good wifi, so you can work outside on the picnic tables or in the chairs under the trees.

Answer. The office is professional and nice. ...more...

There's a variety of work spaces spread throughout the building. Where you're placed will depend on your team size. Also, we'll try to put similar startups near each other.

The office is already setup with:

  • 100 Mbps internet (cable or wifi).
  • Comfortable tables and chairs.
  • Electrical outlets with international adapters.
  • A large 2nd monitor on each desk.
  • The option for a keyboard tray and wireless keyboard (if you prefer things lower).


  • Plenty of spare space for meetings or get togethers, including: meeting rooms, balconies, seating areas under the trees, picnic tables, the conference hall.
  • Air-conditioning in the summer, and heating in the winter.
  • 24/7 access and security guards.
  • Free parking space if you have a car.

Answer. Zipier, 7 Innovations Street, Tbilisi, Mtskheta-Mtianeti, Georgia. Zipier, ოქროყანა, თბილისი ინოვაციების ქუჩა #7. ...more...


Liberty square, then take bus 90 or 124 for 20 mins.

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