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7. Accomodation and food


7. Accomodation and food

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Answer. Yes, you're welcome to bring others with you, but you may want to rent your own place. ...more...

Vesti.ge encourages you to bring with you your spouse, kids, partner, girl-friend, boy-friend, significant other, etc, for the 3 month accelerator — and after.

Vesti.ge will help you with visas and paperwork for all the people you bring.

Note: the FREE dormitory accomodation and FREE tickets is only for the startup team, but you can always rent your own place (see the page on "rent in Georgia").

Above: Gino Paradise — swimming fun park with big hydro-slides.

Answer. FREE weekly clothes washing is included. ...more...

Your clothes will be washed for FREE once a week, if you stay in the dormitory.

Above: Shopping center in Georgia.

Answer. It's a 20 minute bus ride from the office to the city center. ...more...

Two bus routes go past the office every ~20 minutes (between 7 am to 11 pm).

  • Bus 124: to Rustaveli Metro station.
  • Bus 90: to April 9 park.

The bus costs USD 20c one way. You pay when you board the bus, by coin or by tapping your bank card (Vesti.ge will help you set up a personal bank account).

Above: The route to the office is incredibly beautiful.

The ride takes about 20 minutes to Liberty Square.

Above: Liberty Square.

From Liberty Square you can take the Metro all over the city.

If you paid the bus by tapping your bank card, then all Metro and bus rides in the next 60 minutes will be free. Otherwise, the metro costs USD 20c one way (no matter how far).

Answer. It's only a two minute walk from the dormitory to the office. ...more...

The dormitory and office are very close. It's only a two minute walk through a beautiful wooded area.

Above: Mtatsminda Park — this is how your two minute walk to the office looks.

Answer. You'll get your own locker to keep all your things safe. ...more...

In the dormitory, you'll get your own locker (with a padlock). As the dormitory is a shared space, you can keep any of your valuable possessions in your locker.

You'll also get your own locker in the office too.

Answer. Yes, the dormitory accomodation is free for four people in the startup team for the full 3 months. ...more...

For the full 3 months of the Vesti.ge accelerator, up to four people in the startup team get FREE dormitory accomodation. You pay nothing.

If you'd like to stay in Georgia after the 3 months, Vesti.ge can help you find your own accomodation — but from that point, you'll pay for it yourself.

Above: Nice walking areas by Tbilisi Sea.

Answer. Your four main options are: metro (subway), bus, public van, taxi. ...more...

Public transport is very affordable:

  • Metro: USD 20c.
  • Bus: USD 20c.
  • Public van: USD 30c.
  • Taxi: from USD 80c.

Metro, bus, and public van are all paid for with a Metro Money card. It's USD 80c to buy the card (one time) — then add whatever balance you want.

With Metro Money card, you'll be charged the USD 20c once over 1.5 hours — regardless of the bus or metro rides you take.


Metro trains come every three minutes. Estimate journey time as three minutes between each stop. During rush hour, metro is fastest.


Most bus stops have a digital sign showing how long until the next bus comes. Buses only stop at fixed bus stops.

See live bus updates on:


Public van (or "marshrutka" as it's called locally) is like a smaller bus that'll take you closer to where you want to go. Marshrutkas have no fixed stops. If you see the one you want, just wave it down.


There's lots of taxi's on the roads, but none are licensed, and none have a meter, and almost none speak English.

You may be better off booking a ride through an app, like:

You're less likely to be overcharged if you use an app to book your ride, and communicating with the driver on where you want to go will be easier.

Answer. The FREE dormitory is simple, clean, comfortable, and only a 2 minute walk from the office. ...more...

Vesti.ge provides FREE dormitory accomodation for up to four people in the startup team for the full 3 months of the accelerator program. The dormitory is only a 2 minute walk from the office, and is nestled in a beautiful wooded area.

The dormitory package includes:

  • FREE weekly laundry service.
  • FREE weekly cleaning.
  • Bunk beds, pillows, sheets, blankets.
  • Thermostat heating.
  • Toilets, showers.

Note: The dormitory is for people in the startup team only — and sorry, no visitors. If you're bringing your spouse, kids, partner, girl-friend, boy-friend, significant other, etc, you may prefer to find your own accomodation.

Answer. Georgian food includes lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, bread, cheese and more. ...more...

If you like fresh fruit and vergetables, then you'll love Georgia. You can cheaply buy all type of fruit and vegetables year round in the supermarkets.

There's also a wide variety of dairy products, including cheese, ice cream, chocolate, milk, etc — all of which are cheap also. The ice cream is especially creamy compared to overseas brands.

Also, the water is very tasty — and it's fine to drink straight from the tap.

Read blog articles on Georgian food:

Above: Largest shopping center in Tbilisi.

Answer. Yes, there's two shops within seven minutes walk from the office. ...more...

If you want some snacks, or just need an excuse to go out for a walk to clear your head, you'll find the two small shops we've got near by are perfect for your needs.

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