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8. Legal, taxes, and equity


8. Legal, taxes, and equity

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Answer. Yes, Georgian company law allows for multiple share classes. ...more...

It's fine to have different classes of shares in a Georgian registered company. Vesti.ge will help you with the paperwork for FREE.

Above: The Public Service Hall where company registration is done.

Answer. Any of your existing investors can be easily added as shareholders in your new Georgian company. ...more...

Vesti.ge encourages you to honor any previous shareholder commitments. Existing shareholders (and equity split) can easily be ported over to your new Georgian company.

Answer. You're welcome to have your company registered in the U.S. if you prefer, but it'll cost extra. ...more...

It's fine if you want your company to be U.S. registered instead of Georgia registered. The cost is about USD $ 500 (paid for by yourself).

Note: The company law also allows for you to register in Georgia first, then redomicile as a U.S. company later, if you like.

Answer. You're welcome to keep your existing registration. ...more...

If you've already registered your company, it's no problem. Vesti.ge can work with companies registered in any country or jurisdiction.

Answer. Tax in Georgia is simple. Your only tax is payroll tax. And that's a flat 20%. ...more...

There are only 6 taxes in Georgia:

  1. 20% Personal Income Tax — this is the only one you have to pay.
  2. 15% Corporate Profit Tax — perpetual exemption available, see below.
  3. 18% Value Added Tax (VAT, or sales tax) — perpetual exemption available, see below.
  4. 0-12% Import Tax — but only if the item is more than USD $ 120.
  5. 1% Property Tax — won't affect you if you rent.
  6. Excise Tax on few selected goods — won't affect you unless you smoke or drink.

If you're a software startup that's focused on non-Georgian customers, Vesti.ge can help you with the paperwork to get approved for a perpetual global exemption on VAT (sales tax) and profit tax on all business outside of Georgia.

That means all you're left with is "Personal Income Tax", also know as payroll tax. The paperwork is super easy as it's a simple 20% withholding, paid only once a month to a single government agency.

That's it. There's nothing more.

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